Oak Island is the First US Lighthouse to use Rotating LED Technology

New rotating LED Light installed in the Oak Island Lighthouse on December 7th 2020.

In mid-October the Lighthouse experienced several power fluctuations causing the motor that rotates the lights to fail, which required the lights to be turned off. USCG ANT Oak Island (Aids to Navigation Team), the group responsible for maintaining the light, had been in the process of evaluating what it would take to upgrade the existing lights to a newer LED technology.  With the failure of the motor, they determined that this would be the perfect opportunity and most cost-effective solution going forward and installed the new LED lights. The new LED rotating fixture (FIRST of its kind in the US!) was turned on as of 12/7/2020.

The LED lights produce a more focused beam that is a different look (not as diffused) than the prior canister configuration and are brighter out at sea. With the rotating fixture, the Coast Guard was able to maintain the sweeping motion of the prior lights and keep the signature flash pattern we have all come to love (4 one second flashes followed by 6 seconds of blank).

Check out this Video of the new LED light in action!

First rotating LED in a US Lighthouse

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