What’s it like climbing to the top – The Climb

Oak Island Lighthouse Virtual Tour – The Climb


Looking up to start mClimb looking up s

And so we start – 2 hands and a foot, or 2 feet and a hand the guide reminds and if you are afraid of heights look forward and up – never down! 7 more landings with 17 steps each – every landing has a chair to rest on for anyone having difficulty with the climb.





Climb SPP interior s

Climb to the Top s

One guide is at the front of the group with another in the middle and one at the end. It is light in the tower with sun coming in from the windows at each landing. Once past level 4, I now know I am going to make it!

(Photo courtesy of the Southport Pilot newspaper)

Arrival at the top sStepping out the door sI have counted all of the steps – they were right – 131 to the top and I am finally there. It seemed like it took hours but in fact our climb up was less than 10 minutes!



The first look out the door on the top and a breath of fresh air – what a sight! And they were right, the A/C is on up here.







Climb Top elect s

One last thing I notice before going out onto the balcony is the array of electrical boxes and control panels that adorn the wall adjacent to the door as I exit. No wonder they say all tours have to be guided, since this is still an active lighthouse and has quite a bit of electrical equipment exposed.


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View from the Top


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