What’s it like climbing to the top – View from the Top

Oak Island Lighthouse Virtual Tour – View from the Top


Well, you have made it! Now it is time to walk out onto the balcony and enjoy the view.


Out Door 2 mLooking out the door you are facing east and can see the ocean, the old lifesaving station and Bald Head Island without even going onto the balcony. Once you do exit, you have a great view of the Coast Guard Station below, Ft. Caswell (Civil War era fort) on the tip of the island, one of the original Life Saving Stations (used before we had a Coast Guard) and Bald Head Island (can you pick out the inactive lighthouse there “Old Baldy” the oldest lighthouse still standing in NC) as shown in detail with the pictures below.









View BH bView BH s



Bald Head Island, Old Baldy looking east.

(hint – click on pictures to see a larger version and find “Old Baldy”)





View CG sta s

View Coast Guard Station s



Coast Guard Station Oak Island









View Ft Caswell b                View Ft Caswell s

                 Fort Caswell









View Life Saving Station s

Life Saving Station (house with blue shutters). They just filmed a scene from the new Nicholas Sparks movie “The Last Ride” here in June 2014.










View lighthouse top SPP s

View people on top s



As you exit the door, people below can see you and start waving. (photo to the left courtesy of Southport Pilot newspaper)









View Beach Visitors s

Walk from LH4


Moving around the walkway to the right (facing south) you now see the ocean and beach below.





View ship s


If you are lucky you will see a ship entering the channel on the way up to the port in Wilmington or a pod of dolphins breaking the surf.







West all of Oak IslandView Parking s


Further to the right you are now facing west were you get a great view of Oak Island and their 4 water towers. Can you pick out a 5th one? If so it is a clear day and you are looking all of the way down to Holden Beach about 13 miles away. And that parking lot sure looks like a long way down!



View marsh and bridge s




Looking at the marsh toward the bridge you crossed to get onto the island during full tide.






View Southport sView Kure beach s


A few more steps to the right and you are now facing north. This view is filled with points of interest including Southport and their waterfront & marina where several movies and TV series have been filmed (Safe Haven, Revolution, Sleepy Hollow, and more).  Further to the right you are looking up the Cape Fear river toward Wilmington.


View Southport bView bird island s

The square blue buildings (far left) of Duke Power and the 2 sets of tall cranes (far right) from the military supply terminal can be seen. The big island in the middle of the channel (picture right) is Bird Island or Battery Island and is a bird sanctuary and if you look across to the horizon, on a sunny day you can pick out the top of the Ft. Fisher NC Aquarium.


Had enough time to see all of the wonderful sights? OK, let’s start down.

Climb Down





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