What’s it like climbing to the top

Join us for a “Virtual” tour to the TOP

The Oak Island Lighthouse is climbed by thousands of visitors each year, however, many lighthouse enthusiasts do not have the opportunity to experience this great spectacle due to their geographical location, age or fear of heights (or just want to see what it is like before they make a reservation!). So in an effort to provide a simulated top tour experience we have created the Oak Island Lighthouse Virtual Tour. Just click on the link at the bottom of each page to experience first hand, the 131 step climb to the outside balcony of the Oak Island Lighthouse – without even leaving the comfort of your PC!


Weeks before your tour (at least 2 off season and 4 during June, July and August), you went online and made your reservations through our easy to use lighthouse top tour request form (click HERE to link to the form if you want to make a reservation now).


Initial1 Approaching Lighthouse s

Approaching Lighthouse 2 M





You drive onto Oak Island and can see the lighthouse as you cross the bridge and drive up Caswell Beach road. Excitement begins to build for everyone in the car as you realize the climb is near and you are actually going to “do this”!

(Click on any picture in the tour to open a larger version and then use the browser back button to return to the tour)




Initial2 Parking lot arrival s

As you arrive at our lighthouse, you will park in our spacious 5 car parking lot directly adjacent to the tower at 300 Caswell Beach Rd. You brought your camera and binoculars and have them safely stowed in your comfortable back pack (so you can have both hands free for your climb). You double checked that everyone in your group is at least 9 years old and has their sneakers on because if not, they will not be allowed to climb. You all climb out of the car to begin your journey.

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Arrival and sign in.

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