What’s it like climbing to the top – Arrival & Sign-in

Oak Island Lighthouse Virtual Tour – Arrival & Sign-in


Arrival1 Walk up m


As you leave the parking lot, you follow the walkway that leads to the entrance of the lighthouse. You will pass an informational kiosk and a sign noting that the Lighthouse and surrounding properties were transferred to the Town of Caswell Beach in 2004 as part of the “Land to Parks” program. Caswell Beach began the tour program the following year.







Arrival2 Sign by walkway 2s

Initial3 LH from Walk s

There is also a walkway directly across the street from the parking lot where our visitors can stroll along if they are early or after their tour. This walkway leads directly to the beach and is lined with informational signage (covering topics such as local plants, birds, sea turtles, grasses, etc.) and provides a great view and picture taking location of the lighthouse.






Arrival3 Waiver signing s


A guide will meet you on the walkway as you approach the lighthouse and ask that you sign our waiver form. This form just indemnifies Caswell Beach and our volunteers (you know the lawyers always have to get involved) – and is not intended to scare you away. Note: Background in the picture is the Coast Guard Station Oak Island, located directly adjacent to the Lighthouse and surrounded by fencing.





Arrival5 lighthouse one Arrival4 Waiting to start2



Climbers then wait at the entrance to the lighthouse for everyone to arrive (we accept reservations for no more than 20 to climb in any one group so tours are kept small and personal). We typically have 3 guides that climb with each group to ensure the safety of the climb and allow you access to a lighthouse resource to answer any of your questions. The wait is never long, since we always climb right on time and the guides keep you engaged with local history and things to look for (Did you see Old Baldy from the walkway?).


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