Oak Island Lighthouse is looking for Volunteers

The Oak Island Lighthouse was gifted to the Town of Caswell Beach by the federal government as part of the land to parks program in 2004. The town created the Friends of the Oak Island Lighthouse (FOIL) to preserve the lighthouse and surrounding grounds, conduct tours, provide informational signage and be financially self sufficient. In order to execute the duties assigned by the town, FOIL recruits volunteers.

Lighthouse Tour Guide Volunteer Information

All of our tour guides are volunteers and come from many different areas in our community as well as from many different backgrounds. No formal degrees or experience is necessary – just a willingness to help inform the public about the unique features of our lighthouse.

Guides are provided detailed information concerning the history and characteristics of the lighthouse. Each guide is asked to commit to an average of two shifts (four hours total) per month during the summer season (starting the Wednesday before Memorial Day through the Wednesday after Labor Day). Each “shift” is about two hours long and is covered by at least two guides, so you are never at the Lighthouse alone. Every guide has their own way of presenting information to the visitors and no set script is required.

There are two types of tours:

Open House Tours: the Wednesday/Saturday tours (summer only) are only to the second level – just 12 steps up. One guide provides visitors information about the lighthouse on the second level while a second guide controls how many people are in the lighthouse at once and greets additional visitors. The two guides switch off at their convenience as many times as necessary during the two hour shift.

Top Tours: we conduct tours to the top (131 steps up to an outside balcony) year round. Each top tour requires a minimum of 2 guides or more depending on the number of top climbers. When a top tour has been scheduled, the tour coordinator then sends out an email to all guides asking if anyone is available for that day/time and the number of guides required. It is your option if you want to signup or not. We have quite a few guides that only do the Wednesday/Saturday tours to the second level and never assist with the top climbs, your option.

All new guides attend a one hour training session. They are then asked to listen to two different guides present in an actual tour situation (what we call shadowing) so they get a feel of the process and hear some of the questions we are asked. Our goal is to inform the public about the lighthouse and for our guides to enjoy their time with our visitors. So if you are outgoing and would like to help your community, consider volunteering to become a Lighthouse Tour Guide! Get started now by emailing your contact information to us at oakislandlighthouse@gmail.com.

Merchandise Sales Volunteer Information

Merchandise sales are provided at the lighthouse to the public on Wednesday and Saturday from ten a.m. until Two p.m. to coincide with the public tours (starting the Wednesday before Memorial Day through the Wednesday after Labor Day). We are looking for volunteers to assist in this sales process. Volunteers staff the sales table with the same schedule as the tour guides (two different shifts – ten a.m. till noon and noon till two p.m.). Merchandise sales volunteers are different volunteers from our tour guides. You can volunteer for either job function (tour guide or merchandise sales) or even both if you wish.

Merchandise volunteers are trained in the sales process and are always paired with two tour guides during their shift, so are never alone at the lighthouse. If you are interested please contact us at oakislandlighthouse@gmail.com.

Additional Volunteer Positions

FOIL is always looking for volunteers to assist with the maintenance and general operation of the lighthouse, as well as, special functions such as signage, fundraising, marketing and grants. If you would like to volunteer for any positions please email us at oakislandlighthouse@gmail.com.

1100 Caswell Beach Rd.
Caswell Beach NC 28465
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