Board Information

Friends of Oak Island Lighthouse is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the protection, preservation, maintenance and development of the Oak Island Lighthouse, lighthouse site and related oceanfront property for the public good pursuant to the provisions of the Federal Lands to Parks Program of the National Park Service through which the property was transferred to the Town of Caswell Beach on October 18, 2004.

Current Board Members:

  • Bob Ahlers
  • Jack Cowling
  • Harry DeHaven
  • Erika Dosher
  • Tom Kitchings
  • Roy Pender
  • E. Gifford Stack

Current Officers:

  • Chair: Bob Ahlers
  • Vice Chair: Harry DeHaven
  • Secretary: E. Gifford Stack
  • Treasurer: Tom Kitchings

Becoming a Member of the Board of Directors or an Officer, per the by-laws:

  • The organization is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of seven members;
  • Directors may be recommended by the organization or by the Mayor or Board of Commissioners of the Town of Caswell Beach;
  • Directors are appointed by the Mayor with approval of the Board of Commissioners;
  • While a majority of directors shall be property owners in, or full-time residents of, the Town of Caswell Beach, regional participation is encouraged.
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